Farid Islamic Book Store is an Online Islamic Book Store which makes available Islamic book at their door step considering to our customers and visitors convenience. Our team makes available books on  all topics some of them topics are Al-Quran, Tafseer, Hadith(Hadees), Health Care(Tibb), Fiqh and Jurispridence and many more topics etc.

Apart from Islamic Books we also fulfill the on demand desires relating to  Islamic accessories like Prayer Rugs of all types for Home and during Travel, Topi,  Tasbih, Attar, Tughra, Islamic Calligraphy, Burkha, Hijab etc.

The information displays on Farid Islamic Book Store are only for informational purpose. This information normally involves pricing, shipping, other book details(i.e. Author/Translator/Compiler, Language, Binding, Weight) and other Islamic accessories details etc are shared by Publishers.

We at Farid Islamic Book Store do not hold copyright. Further, We do not guarantee the content, quality, availability, safety and legality of books and items/accessories are presented and promoted on Farid Islamic Book Store.

Ma Sha Allah, We feel delight to say that by the grace of ALLAH The Almighty excitement for reading Islamic Books are increasing day by day not only in India but also in a handsome numbers in rest of the world. Lots of peoples are involve in Dawah service they are always remain lovers for reading Islamic books and other books.

We at Farid Islamic Book Store do understand that your personal information such as your name, contact no., email, bank details etc. are of utmost importance. Whether your online payment complete using you credit/debit card or net banking transaction should be safe and secure. So relax and go ahead you are in safe hands. Complete your orders at Farid Islamic Book Store with full trust and faith.


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Due to pre-scheduled technical maintenance we have temporary stopped getting orders. During this maintenance period nobody will be able to place orders. You may write us at info@faridislamicbookstore.com for your order requirement. Apologies for the inconvenience.Jazak Allahu khairan Dismiss